Smile! (singing)

The main reason I haven't posted many singing videos is just because, in my opinion I don't have a setup that works well for it. Sure, I have a great microphone but it takes so much more than that to make a good vocal track. 
For example, filming this video, this video that is two minutes long and a single take without any cuts... Took me two hours to film, because every take before this was interrupted by a cat, or a dog, or a creaky chair, or a helicopter... etcetera. This was far from my best take. My voice was incredibly tired by the time I filmed this take simply because I'd been singing for two hours. 

I've also got zero vocal training. I really want to stress that. I am a hobbyist singer. XD I enjoy singing very much and do it a lot, and as a result of that, fans regularly request that I sing stuff (this song was a request from Patreon.), so I will likely post more videos like this in the future... But I honestly kinda feel weird about it. 
I just don't feel like my voice can really carry a video, I notice every tiny little crack and crumble, as I'm sure anybody else with knowledge of singing does too... But yeah I dunno. People request them and I do enjoy singing so... tadaa? 


In this video I am singing "Smile" by Lily Allen. To find out more about this song, click me for a wiki article

Also, if you'd like to hear the proper version, click me to hear it!