Going to be starting a mini series of short videos with some basic corset tips and stuff. 
Firstly: I wish to apologize for being so deeply scruffy in this video. I was very sick whilst filming- and that's as good as I could scrub up. I wish I'd waited- but I wanted to film so... Here we are! 

I don't want to delve TOO DEEP into this series- because I think corset videos are their whole own category and make for their own channel- but I get SO MANY QUESTIONS- so I think I'm going to start answering them in video format, so I can direct people to my own videos when someone has a question to ask. 

Do I know everything? No. 
Will I always get everything 100% right? Probably not. No matter how sure I am- A lot of corsetry knowledge is based on community sourced personal information and what little studies have been done on the subject- (mostly not in English!) 
But I do have a lot of experience in this field- and am probably equipped now to answer questions.
If there's anything in particular you'd like me to cover on this topic, please make a request in the comments. I will absolutely be adding everything to a list to slowly work through. =)