Comedy and Music

There are a lot of forms of media that I have strong attachments to. This little rant is about one form in particular.

TL;DR my mother was very sick for my entire childhood, and dad was out of the picture for the most part. So, I spent an absolutely insane quantity of time-consuming media. 
I sometimes debate with myself on what has been the most influential... Cartoons? Well, certainly they had a huge impact. But I'd argue literature was more directly to thank for me developing complex opinions... But how can we ignore music? Not much can match music when it comes to simplicity and emotional connection. 
That's not just with me either, I think music has a unique way of interacting with its audience. It's short, so it's much more readily consumed than most other forms of media. On top of that, it's usually only got a few lines, and it leaves a lot of emotional interpretation up to the person listening. I haven't even mentioned the obvious stuff, like the feelings that we get as a creature when we hear a well composed tune, or that many musicians are more approachable and easy to connect with than other forms of celebrity... But, at the end of this pointless little introspection, I arrive at the conclusion that, very specifically, Musical Comedy is the lifeblood of what makes me who I am. 
If you can take something as serious as composing a song, and riddle that with comedic hooks and satire, I am putty in your hand. Nothing makes me more happy than listening to musical comedy. 

My first true love in this field is likely the same as just about everybody else from my generation... Monty Python. The Galaxy Song was one of the very first times I felt like I comprehended that things can be vast and epic, but at the same time, hilarious and unimportant. I'd say that song is a simplified version of the way I feel about life as a whole. 
I can't imagine I was older than seven the first time I heard it. It changed the fucking game for me, in terms of how I viewed all media. I expected everything to make me laugh as a child, because if something can be that beautifully composed, and intelligently put forth, AND make me laugh my arse off... Why shouldn't everything? 

Obviously, I grew and developed from that. Not everything HAS to make me laugh for me to love it. In fact, my absolute favourite book series is about as comedic as a trip to the dentist. 
But deep down, if a person is able to inform and entertain me at the same time, they win me over very quickly. 

I think that's all I have to say on the matter; so now I'm going to link a bunch of stuff I find particularly entertaining:

Monty Python:

Tenacious D:

Weird Al:

Axis of Awesome:

Aunty Donna:

Tim Minchin:

Friendship is Witchcraft:

Tom Lehrer:

This list is by no means comprehensive. There are countless other performers I'd love to link, but I think they primarily make serious music, so they aren't really comedians to me. There are others who are comedians, but I only like one or two of their songs, and feel like it's odd to include them when on this list I've so far are just acts that I enjoy the bulk of their work... Anyway! Quite a few of them are politically divisive. 

Thanks for reading my silly blog.