Day 1

Dear Diary, today I spent all day updating my website. It took me a lot of time, but I use squarespace so honestly it wasn't that difficult. Not dissimilar to organizing a tumblr page. Hey, does this sound like an advertisement for squarespace? It shouldn't, since they haven't paid me anything. In fact I pay them.

Okay what else?
I'm not sure entirely! I need to use the blog feature on my website way more. I basically don't use it and yet I rant so much on twitter. Today I could have been playing Pokemon Sun, which by the way I have barely played any of because I've been so distracted by life. Yuck. Life getting in the way of video games, what even is that? Some kind of horror story I'm sure.  

Been thinking about what video series I want to film when I get back from my youtube hiatus. 
I want to make a series where I hardcore roleplay whilst playing Stardew Valley. Like whole nines get into a character and pretend to be there and interact with people as if I were. I can't decide if I should treat it like a dystopia or a eutopia though. That's my biggest snag with the idea. 
I also want to get back into character design with Sims, because that's what I play Sims for and people seem to dig those videos. 
I honestly don't want to do many hauls or unboxing type vids anymore. I kinda want to incorporate them into vlogs.
I really don't personally enjoy unboxing videos, so I don't really know how to create them. I've always done it following a formula, and it feels stiff and uninspired to me. So yeah, want to vlog it out Instead. Not entirely sure how to go about that either... I'm such a professional, can't you tell?

I need to do more collaborative work. I'm such a control freak about my content and I need to get a little more lax about it. Also I've made some of the best friends of late. I feel like there were so many years where I had like three friends and now I have like a million and it's amazing. I want to do stuff with all of them. They all inspire me so much. 

I think that's enough for now. I have intent to update this somewhat regularly. If you like knowing me and want to know me a little better, this is probably a good place to hang out. I would also love to recommend my Twitter, as I post there FAR TOO FREQUENTLY. 

Whelp, from the bottom of my little black heart, thank you for reading!