New Years Resolutions Aren't Good.

I'm a firm believer in seizing the day... 
I don't mean that in a "take risks- YOLO LAWL" kinda way, I mean that in a "If you want to get something done, you've got to be the person to get that ball rolling, and there's no time like right now to start." way. 

I feel like New Years Resolutions are the antithesis of this sort of mentality.
It's the "I'll start tomorrow." mentality.
I don't believe that January holds any power over us. We don't somehow get radder, faster, stronger, and MORE CAPABLE during the calendar month of January. So why wait? What does waiting actually achieve? 

Well, firstly it helps us shirk our responsibilities.
A lot of the sort of things people write down as resolutions aren't exactly highly nuanced technical skills. It's usually basic lifestyle things like; lose weight, draw more, spend less money. Things that we personally think we should be doing, but that we don't _want_ to do. When we wait till January to start doing them, what we're actually doing is making it SO MUCH HARDER to succeed at them.
Thanksgiving Dinner sure is delicious, and I'd hate for you to feel guilty the whole time, BUT if you have a specific goal of losing weight, two plates of stuffing right now don't somehow not count because you're going to start being careful in January... What I'm trying to say is that we tend to be reckless when we have a deadline for when the things we enjoy are going to go away. 

Secondly, it convinces us we're lesser than we are.
We don't magically get stronger on the days we set aside to start things. Mondays, January First... "Tomorrow"... These magical days don't have any extra power. So- on those days when we try to do something, we're only using the exact same abilities and strengths that we COULD HAVE used weeks/days/hours ago... BUT we will convince ourselves we're extra motivated. We'll tell ourselves that because we set this time aside that our heads are extra clear and that we're EXTRA ready... But all we're actually doing is taking power away from all the times that we haven't decided are our motivation days. If we only give 100% occasionally, what are we giving the rest of the time? 

Thirdly, it gives us a scapegoat for failure. 
When we give power to arbitrary times, we're also giving it our weaknesses too...
Sometimes we need to face those weaknesses. Sometimes we need to have a fucking good hard sit down with ourselves and seriously figure out what's important to us. Shock horror, maybe you don't actually care as much about getting amazing at drawing as you thought you did... You just like the IDEA of being good at art, not the reality of the hours and hours of practice that goes into it. It's actually GOOD to know this about ourselves though. It's good to admit to ourselves that after a big shitty day of work we just want to binge watch netflix. It makes it easier to handle our vices when we acknowledge what they are and factor in how much enjoyment they give us. It also makes it easier to specifically focus on the things we DO want to do. Instead of having five things we aren't actually sure if we want to do or not, but _think_ we'd really like.

There's actually more to this than I had originally thought. I've never liked New Years Resolutions, but taking time out of my day to specifically try to explain why has made me dig up way more than I expected to.

But, finally, it keeps us complacent. 
When we have to set dates us to even start trying to live, we aren't living... Challenging ourselves and trying to constantly improve or learn new skills is WHY we succeeded as a species.
The human machine is a fascinating. It is capable of amazing things. Go find out what yours is capable of.

From the bottom of my little black heart, thanks for reading. 

Postscript: Does anybody else find it hilarious that I'm posting my big negative rant about January First ON January First? ;)