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Cthulhu Debacle!

Man has it been a long 48 hours. 
It all started out yesterday morning when I discovered a desire to draw stupid little chibis for use in my youtube videos. 
That led to animating them- that let to After Effects... My goodness that is a whole lot of effort in and of itself. 
So when it came time to record my third installment in my "The Call of Cthulhu" videos, I was fully prepared to use my new video recording lens for my 60D and give some high def shit a go! 
It was proper exhausting though. I ended up styling a wig and putting on some pretty epic makeup, then recording the remainder of the short story so that I'd only have to edit the next two segments instead of start from scratch each time...
Reading aloud is no short task- plus I'm a part of the multitask generation so I am so accustomed to doing at least two things at once, so it's really hard to devote hours and hours of your day to just reading a book at a camera, no music, no television, no distracting noise playing in the background. XD Then on top of that I have all that bloody content to edit. I just stuck to one video's worth today- as doing the remaining three felt like a bit much. 

Still- as much as the banners look super tacky and cheaply made (Hey- I've only been doing this for a day and a half alright! XD) I am still happy that I managed to achieve the thing that I was trying to achieve. 

Going to update this blog once a week at least- I've decided. I have a lot of stuff to rant about and doing it here where I figure a handful of people at most will subject themselves to it may prevent me from having a gush at Facebook or Twitter or something. XD 

Thanks for sticking with me- Enjoy an image of me after I stripped my costume and removed fifteen layers of goth makeup to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. 

Untitled 148.jpg

<3 Pen