Rant Spot

Please Consider:

People so often tell me how awful and unhealthy corsets are- or they ask if they are dangerous or painful... 

My automatic response is to just be annoyed- and to tell them that there is nothing wrong with corsets- but life isn't that simple is it!? 

The truth is, the risks associated with corsetry do not raise your probability of death or damage more than the base level provided you're doing it right.

Of course there are unique risks associated with corsets. There are unique risks associated with wearing polyester! Every decision in life comes with a risk, or a situation where your choice was not the best one. 
Corsets can be painful, but so can the wrong pair of jeans- nobody says that all jeans are awful and uncomfortable because you have that one pair that digs in at the hip- yet a properly fitting corset is as comfortable as a properly fitting pair of jeans. 

Body modification lifestyles come with weird and unique risks- you have to modify and change the way you do things to suit that lifestyle. Think about how much people have to change and adapt to become a body builder? It's a lifestyle choice. 

Waist training is a full time hobby if you're doing it in such a way that you're seeing extreme results! It's not for everybody- but for those of us who it is for- we take great pleasure and joy in the experience itself, along with the result. 

Live and let live!