General Questions:

What does Underbust mean? 
It's the name of the sort of corset that I wear the most. The one that sits underneath the bust. The name made way more sense when I was famous for corsets and not boobs.
Are you single? 
Nope. I am happily married.
Why don't you pose nude or topless? 
Almost entirely because I am contrary, and everyone expects it of me. But also a little bit because I'm just not super into the way people talk to women who pose topless/nude.
Why don't you do porn?
Wow, that's a pretty intense thing to ask so much that it's in my FAQ... But hey, that's the world we live in, eh? I just don't want to. Seems pretty simple an answer to me. 
Where are you from?
Up and down the East Coast of Australia. If I had to say I am from a specific town, truthfully it would be Lismore, but that's gross so I'd say Brisbane.
How tall are you? 

Boob Questions:

Are your breasts Real? 
No, they aren't real. I have had two augmentation surgeries (breast jobs) to achieve my current size. 
What size are your breasts?
38 O (approximately- bra sizes change from brand to brand.)
What size were your breasts before surgery?
36 H - This is precisely why people question if my breasts are real or not. A large quantity of natural flesh, covering implants is what creates the specific shape that I have.
How large are your implants?
I have 800cc shells, over filled to 2530ccs. 
Are your implants over the muscle, or under? 
They are over.
Silicone or Saline?
Do you want to go bigger? 
I'd love to, but honestly it's really really difficult and impractical. So it's unlikely to happen.
Do you have back problems? 
No, and please stop asking. 

Corset Questions:

Can you breathe? 
Yes. Easily. Corsets should not cause breathing issues. If they have for you in the past, you weren't in one that fit you.
Unless of course you mean that seeing someone in one took your breath away, in which case, yes that can be a hazard and I apologize.

Where are your organs? 
They are in roughly the same location within my body as yours are to you, depending on a bunch of variables.
Where do you get your corsets?
There isn't just one answer to this, but my main tailor is Amber over at Lovely Rats. Please go check her stuff out. It's very very good.
Doesn't that hurt? 
No. The human body doesn't mind some squishing and organ shifting. Think about what it goes through in pregnancy... Or even when you have a very full bladder.
But honestly, I'm the most impatient person with discomfort. If my corsets weren't fitted correctly or chafed, I wouldn't wear them. I honestly can't comprehend how some women wear heels to work every single day. 

Can you eat? 
Do I look like I have a problem eating?