Here are some quick answers to some of the most asked questions about me. 


I have some unique elements to my anatomy, so naturally you have some questions... Those answers may be here!

Breast Questions:

Are your breasts Real? 
No, they aren't real. I have had two augmentation surgeries (breast jobs) to achieve my current size. 
What size are your breasts?
36 O - but I feel the need to point out just how truly arbitrary that size is once you're past the D range. 
What size were your breasts before surgery?
Once again- bra sizes are arbitrary- but I was in the H cup range, roughly 1000/1200cc of natural flesh.
How large are your implants?
I have 800cc shells, over filled to 2530ccs. This is well within the range of XL implants. 
Are your implants over the muscle, or under? 
They are over.
Silicone or Saline?
Saline. It is incredibly difficult to find surgeons and implants above 800cc in silicone. 
Do you want to go bigger? 
Yes, but it's a tough question to answer fully. Please visit this link for more details. 
Do you have back problems? 
You're going to find this hard to believe, but no. I do not. I'm a very physically strong person, and I make sure to maintain my core and back muscles especially well. 

Corset Questions: 

Where are your organs? 
They are in roughly the same location. Just shifted slightly either up or down. 
Where do you get your corsets?

There isn't just one answer to this, but my main tailor is Amber over at Lovely Rats.
Can you breathe? 
Yes. Easily. The corset does not restrict my lungs.
Doesn't that hurt? 
No. The human body doesn't mind some squishing and organ shifting. Think about what it goes through in pregnancy. ;) 
But honestly, I'm the most impatient person with discomfort. If my corsets weren't fitted correctly or chafed, I wouldn't wear them.

Can you eat? 
Do I look like I have a problem eating? 
Can you take your corset off? 
Yes. I'm not sure where the myth that corsets can't be removed came from. Even the most hardcore corset wearers can go without. 

General Questions: 

Are you single? 
No. I am happily married.
Why don't you pose nude or topless? 
Because I do not want to. 
Why don't you do porn?
Because I do not want to.
Where are you from?
What is a fetish model?
Let me google that for you, click this to be linked.
How tall are you?